Louise Nanney's
Famous Bologna Soup

This soup is cheap and easy to make, but surprisingly delicious. I accidently discovered this recipe one day when I had nothing else in the house to cook. I was astonished at how good it was, and you will be, too.

The ingredients are shown except water.

  1. Use a very large pot. Put some water in it and start it heating. You may need to add more water after adding the ingredients if they are not covered by the water.
  2. Cut the potatoes into bite-size pieces. Peal them or not. Put them into the pot.
  3. Cut the onions up into small pieces. Put them into the pot.
  4. Cut the bologna into bite-size pieces. Put them into the pot.
  5. Open the large can of tomatoes. Put them into the pot.
  6. Add more water if needed.
  7. Add salt and pepper if desired (See below).
Let it boil slowly until the potatoes are soft. It is ready to eat, except the potatoes will burn the roof of your mouth if you don't let it cool a bit.

I do not salt and pepper mine, but my husband likes his with salt and pepper. Unless the whole family agrees on the salt and pepper, it is best to let each add them as desired in his individual serving. Saltine crackers are not shown, since they are not ingredients for the soup, but most like the soup with crackers. It is also good with corn bread.